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Join the community!

Welcome, y’all, and thank you for joining me in my great experiment!


After talking with many of you over the past few months, I am struck by a few things:


  1. People are craving community more than ever before.

  2. People are more interested in embodiment than ever before.

  3. Students need yoga to be more accessible - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.


I started this subscription service as a direct response to these things. 


By offering different levels of membership, all at different price points, I hope to reinforce the idea that yoga and embodiment practices are for everyone, and that everyone’s practice looks different.


I want to bring people together, both virtually, and in person.


I want to provide a space where people can build connection with (and even celebrate!) their bodies.


And I want to lower the barrier to entry - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

My hypothesis: Community is infinitely more resilient than even the strongest individual.

"When I began taking private lessons from Abby over five years ago, I intended the lessons to last a short time and lead to me feeling more comfortable practicing in a group class. Instead, these private lessons have continued, and have become an indispensable component of self-care. Not only is Abby an amazing instructor, she is a wonderful person, and I always feel better physically and emotionally when I leave our sessions."

-- Eva, Portland, OR

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