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Mexico Retreat 2024!

Join me for a week of rejuvenation, joy, and community in Yelapa, Mexico, Feb 24-Mar 2!

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Abby Kraai

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“There has never been a session with Abby where I didn’t learn something new – something which directly and immediately lead to an improved practice, built confidence and provided a new means to help manage my pain.”

- Chris, Portland, OR


I am delighted to meet you here! I am a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, and teacher mentor, based in Portland, OR. Grounded in trauma-informed service and adaptive movement practices, I am here to share my love for yoga as both an ancient and evolving discipline. Join me for private sessions, mentorships, workshops, or retreats!

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I came to yoga through scoliosis.


I was 15, and I was angry with my body, frustrated with doctors, chiropractors, and back braces that were all unable to give me what I most wanted: a straight spine. In an attempt to try something - anything - new, my mom took me to an Iyengar yoga class series with Francois Raoult. I remember almost nothing from those classes, except that it felt pleasant to be there. Yoga did not correct my scoliosis, but it did feel good, and it did remind me that my body was worth loving and caring for...

Sessions with Abby are fun and uplifting for our teen with scoliosis. Not only has she helped our daughter strengthen and relax specific parts of her back to address her particular curves, Abby has noticed when our daughter's Boston brace wasn't fitting properly and has suggested areas for her orthopedist to look at in order to achieve greater comfort and more support. 

- Cathy, Portland, OR

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