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Family portrait Wanda & Copper.JPG
Family portrait Wanda & Copper.JPG

Couples' Retreat

At last: Abby and her wonderful partner, Alex, join forces to lead their inaugural Couples' Retreat at Buckhorn Springs! Through a combination of partner activities, meditation, healing touch, and breathwork, we will lead you and your loved one through a weekend of embodiment, connection, joy!

Sept 22 - Sept 24

at Buckhorn Springs

Teachers' Retreat in Sayulita

Teaching yoga is one of the most wonderful and beautiful jobs in the world - and yet, it is so easy to feel depleted, unsupported and isolated.

My intention in holding this retreat is to bring teachers together, to provide space to practice in community, and to help you reconnect with the reasons you love this practice.

Sat, Dec 9 - Sat, Dec 16

at Haramara Retreat


“There has never been a session with Abby where I didn’t learn something new – something which directly and immediately lead to an improved practice, built confidence and provided a new means to help manage my pain.”

- Chris, Portland, OR

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