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Yoga with Scoliosis & Spinal Fusion

Immersion & Teacher Training

Next session's dates coming soon!

Join Abby in studying one of her favorite topics of all time: Yoga with Scoliosis & Spinal Fusion!


The first 5 weeks (30 hours) of this program will be dedicated to understanding how to work with scoliosis and spinal fusion in your personal yoga practice. The last 3 weeks (20 hours) will focus on the art of teaching private sessions and workshops to folks with scoliosis and fusion.


While this training will be grounded in sound anatomical understanding and precision, we will work with more than just the physical aspects of scoliosis and spinal fusion. Not only will we examine specific ways to adapt asana and pranayama for your and your students’ unique spines, but we will explore best practices for making your practice and teaching more inclusive, adaptive, and welcoming.


Note: This program will be live-streamed via Zoom, and capped at 16 students.

Program Overview

Weekly Topics


Week 1

Anatomy of Scoliosis & Spinal Fusion


Week 2

Length: Decompressing the Spine


Week 3

Strength: Stabilizing the Spine & Core


Week 4

Side-bends: How to Bend (or not!) with Scoliosis & Fusion


Week 5

Twists: How to Rotate (or not!) with Scoliosis & Fusion

Teacher Training

Week 6 

Teaching Private Sessions: Responding to What You See


Week 7 

Teaching Workshops: Keeping it Simple


Week 8 

Practicum: Sharing What You’ve Learned


All classes will be live-streamed via Zoom, with Abby teaching from Portland, OR (Pacific Time). For anyone in a vastly different time zone, arrangements can be made to record our sessions.


Dates and times for fall session will be announced soon! Join Abby's email list to be kept up to date!  



All tuition offered on a sliding scale; monthly payment plans available


$1,125 - discounted

$1,350 - pays for you

$1,500 - pays for you & helps subsidize others



$675 - discounted

$750 - pays for you

$900 - pays for you & helps subsidize others

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