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Teacher Mentorship

You graduated from YTT - now what? You love yoga, and you want to share it, but perhaps you don’t quite feel ready.  You want to refine your cuing, deepen your philosophical studies, or simply learn the science of teaching. This program is designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to enter the real world of teaching yoga - because the world needs you!

Private Sessions

Maybe you used to be a dedicated yogi, but it’s been a while. Maybe you have an injury or condition that prevents you from attending drop-in classes. Maybe you’re already a committed student and simply want to deepen your practice. Whatever your motivation, I am delighted you’re here. Join me for a 6-week, 1:1 dive into this vast and wonderful world of yoga!


Weekly Classes

Just want to move your body and be in community? Join me for a drop-in class at The People's Yoga! Classes are available both in person, and live-streamed.


Note: As of Sept 10, 2022, People's is a mask-optional space. Please use good sense and mask up or stay home if you're not feeling tip-top!

“There has never been a session with Abby where I didn’t learn something new – something which directly and immediately lead to an improved practice, built confidence and provided a new means to help manage my pain.”

- Chris, Portland, OR

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